Unskilled Mining Jobs WA

 Below is a small summary of unskilled level mining jobs in WA with a description of the duties involved and  even further down this page, is a list of general tickets/ requirements for mining jobs in Western Australia. These are the typical jobs people use to get a start within the mining industry.

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There are many unskilled mining jobs that require no previous mining job experience. It’s just about finding the right company to get that “start” in the industry.

List of Entry Level jobs mention on this page with short description. Click on Job title to be taken to the information.

Driller Offsiders/ Assistant

Sample Preparer

Survey Assistant

Geologist Assistant

Mining Cleaning Jobs

Mining Kitchen Jobs

Mining Jobs for Women

Typical tickets/ licences required

Driller Offsider Jobs

Drilling offsiders is one of the most high paid unskilled mining jobs about and it’s also a great entry level mining job to be used as a means on “how to get into the mines”. Great on your resume, for any future mining job as offsider work is known to be tough physical work. Driller offsider jobs do require hard work and to work in the harsh weather conditions (often really hot conditions as where most of the mining jobs are situated in desert like conditions and its not uncommon for the summer sun to get on 40+ degrees Celsius)

HANDY Tip: Start your Driller Offsider job before the month of September as this is when the sun starts to get annoying. Especially when you have to wear full length cotton shirts and full length pants too. Around June is a great time to start as its Winter and when your out in the desert it is cold over night but once that sun comes out it often hits 25 degrees Celsius which is comfortable to work in.

Driller Offsider Job Description and duties.

Assisting the driller of the drill rig with the drilling on the exploration or grade control holes. The duties of a drilling offsider also include maintaining machinery and vehicles around the drilling site, as well as keeping the site in a orderly fashion.  Drilling offsiders assist with “daily pre start checks.”   All facets of this job require a good level of physical fitness and a mechanical mind. 1 – 2 years become a driller yourself and have your own offsider’s working under you. Depending on what type of rig you are working on, depends a lot of the amount of physical work required.

Three main type of rigs: Diamond Drilling Rig, RC Rig and Air CORE rig. Diamond Drilling has been known to be called “gentlemen’s drilling” as its the slower of the three main types hence more suited to the person less physically fit. Good arm and wrist strength is important.

RC and AIR core rigs drill with compressed air and the product from the drilling is a bag or bucket of dirt. Where as with diamond drilling the product from drilling is a solid rock core/ tube.

Offsider main job is too look after the “dirt – product” from the drilling and put it in an orderly fashion so the geologist can easily come and take samples from each metre of drilling. This might involve running with a bag ( result of one metre of drilling) and placing them from left to right. OR with diamond drilling emptying our the drilling rod and putting the core into core trays neatly marked with the drilling depth.

Don’t worry if the above sounds confusing, after 5 days of solid work you will know your way around it.

This unskilled mining job is especially good and suited to people with a labouring background, as it involves heavy lifting. An HR licence is also good to have and many employers ask for it these days.

 Sample Preparer

Sample preparer’s have the responsibility of working in labs, core farms and on exploration drill rigs which examine minerals and soil.   Employees receive hands on training.  Individuals with good mathematical and computer skills are successful starting out in the mining industry as a sample preparer.  Unskilled mining jobs like this a beneficial means of gaining experience to become a field assistant.

Survey Assistant

A survey assistant position, another unskilled mining job, involves helping the surveyor on a mine site to analyze drilled holes typically during exploration or grade control phase.

Assistants acts as a “right hand man” and assists the surveyor with any assistance he/she may require. The job might entail sleeping in caravans/ mining camps. Either DIDO, Residential for FIFO are common for such roles too. Also have the task of clearing particular areas to ensure the accuracy of surveys.  An assistant also has the duty of assembling and dismantling necessary equipment when surveying is complete.

Sometimes the job is called “wireline surveyor assistant” in the mining industry. Which is often working behind the exploration drill rigs. As they have finished a drilled hole to a desired depth set out by the Geologist in charge. The surveyors company which is often a sub contractor arrives and sets up a wire line and lowers their specialized tool which is like an X-ray and which gives them feedback on how much ore is down below. Ideally, the geologist/ Mining company want to know if it’s feasible to start a new mine where they have been drilling. Great job for the less physical.

Geologist Assistant

When working as a geologist assistant, employees take minerals and soil samples.  Assistants collect data from samples and input information into computer systems and assist with the writing of reports.  Such activities are in preparation for future mining.  Once mining in various areas is complete, a geologists assistant might also work to restore the area to its previous state. 

Mining Cleaning jobs

Unskilled mining jobs include cleaning, maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of areas within the mining camp.  Employees, on the site of a mine, take fly in and fly out positions and accommodation is provided.  This requires an additional number of employees to maintain areas in and around the mining camp.  Mining Cleaning jobs vary.  Various positions are fly in fly out while others require employees to find accommodations prior to being hired for a position.

Mining Kitchen jobs

Kitchen jobs normally involve working in food preparation areas, in the mining camps large mess hall or cafeteria style dining hall.  Employees in this particular position must have a good understanding of cleanliness and hygiene necessary, in a large dining area.  Some employers require individuals attempting to gain a kitchen job to have a food handler’s certificate.

Mining Jobs for Women

More and more women are now working in the mining industry. Gone are the old days when it was known as a male only industry. Women are getting jobs in the nearly all areas and some areas they even excel than the males. In 2009, there were even some mining companies specifically wanting to hire women as they recognized them as better workers. More information in my guide regarding the different type of jobs that most women take up. For more more info on mining jobs for women go there.

General Requirements that Mining Companies/Contractors ask for to work in Western Australia Mines

– Senior First Aid Certificate – Recommended

– Marcsta Induction – Some of the large companies are not requiring this, as they provide their own full induction.

– HR licence becoming more important.

-Sometimes forklift Licence is handy too.

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