Newman Mining Jobs

Newman,a town located in the Pilbara region is about 9 km north of the Tropic of Capricorn and 1186 km of Perth. It can be easily approached through the Great Northern Highway. It is a modern mining town with a population of 4245 at 2006 census.The country style of homes built contrasts the reddish barren desert area. Mt Newman Mining Company discovered rich iron deposits on Mt Whaleback in 1960s and thus built Newman, which was initially a Cattle Country.

A resource boom came in Western Australia in 1970s after this discovery.

In the honour of A.W. the town was named from the sidway Mt Newman. In 1896, Newman died of typhoid. The shipment of ore was done from Port Hedland and a new railway station was constructed linking it.

The world’s largest train comprises of 682 ore cars and eight locomotives, 7.353 km long made newman-Port Hedland trip in June 2001. The ore trains were 2 km long. Settlements like Tom Price and Paraburdoo were serviced by Newman Town. Newman is basically a residential town with hotels and shopping places in its core and industrial activities taking place in outside areas. The town comprises of one shopping mall, two shopping plazas, three hotels and and the same bars and restaurants. Architecture In 1960s, Newman’s architecture have the following features: totally functional, devoid of detail or embellishment. Most of the buildings started using steel frame due to the beginning of the steel company. Most of the homes are two prefabricated halves inserted together into steel I-section frame, and their columns are left exposed on the exterior. The construction method used provides enormous resistance against Cyclone winds which hit the region time to time. Most of the houses in the town are elevated.

To fight against the very hot summers,several houses have air conditioners built next to them for proper cooling.

John and Daisy bates were the first settlers in 1901 in Newman, who established Glen Garrick sheep and cattle station. The Nullagine and Marble Bar in the north and Meekatharra and Cue in the south encouraged the prospectors. The American company Bechtel Pacific turned Hilditch into Australia’s most productive iron ore mine between 1967 and 1969. In 1975, 60,000 trees and shrubs were planted in the town to make it look less like a desert. There exist 33 billion tonnes of iron ore in Hamersley Range. A 30 km railway line runs from Newman to Port Hedland.


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