Mining Jobs No Experience Required in the Australian Mining Industry

Below are some of the mining jobs which normally no prior experience is necessary

List of Mining Jobs No Experience Needed (typical jobs but the hardest part is finding the companies that hire inexperienced folk)

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Drilling offsider

A drilling offsider is a no experience mining job however has the important responsibility of making sure that operations run smoothly for the actual driller on the drill rig. The main duty is to assist the driller in operating the drill rig in either the exploration department or in sampling in an active mine site.

-The normal day will start with a pre-start check on the drilling rig, before its started.

-Then assisting the driller with adding more rods to the rig while drilling.

-Another important duty is to look after the sample core which is the result of the drilling. Offsiders put the “rock” into core trays ready for the geologists to take away.

-On RC rigs the offsider/assistant using a cyclone fills a bag every metre of drilling and then has to run and put them in order in rows of 10 to 50.

The geo will come or a field assistant may be working along side who has the job of taking a small sample from each sample bag. The sample is taken back to the lab where it is analysed to see how much gold for example is at that depth per tonne of rock/earth. Physical role, and HR licence is really handy some companies don’t require it though.

Sample preparer

Sample preparers have the responsibility of working in labs which examine minerals and soil.   Employees receive hands on training.  Individuals with good mathematical and computer skills are successful starting out in the mining industry as a sample preparer.  This particular no experience mining job is a beneficial means of gaining experience to become a field assistant.

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Survey assistant

A survey assistant position, another no experience mining job, involves helping the surveyor on a mine site to determine the elevation of future mining areas.  This also requires surveying or assessing the positioning of hills, bodies of water, and wooded areas.  Assistants have the task of clearing particular areas to ensure the accuracy of surveys.  An assistant also has the duty of assembling and dismantling necessary equipment when surveying is complete.

Field assistant

When working as a feild assistant, employees take minerals and soil samples.  Assistants collect data from samples and input information into computer systems and assist with the writing of reports.  Such activities are in preparation for future mining.  Once mining in various areas is complete, a geologists / field assistant might also work to restore the area to its previous state.

Cleaning jobs

No experience mining jobs include cleaning, maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of areas within the mining camp.  Employees, on the site of a mine, take fly in and fly out positions and accommodation is provided.  This requires an additional number of employees to maintain areas in and around the mining camp.  Mining Cleaning jobs vary.  Various positions are fly in fly out while others require employees to find accommodations prior to being hired for a position.

Kitchen jobs

Kitchen jobs normally involve working in food preparation areas, in the mining camps large mess hall or cafeteria style dining hall.  Employees in this particular position must have a good understanding of cleanliness and hygiene necessary, in a large dining area.  Some employers require individuals attempting to gain a kitchen job to have a food handler’s certificate.

Catering jobs

No experience jobs in catering involve feeding the large crew of employees, typically working in a mining camp.  Employees typically work in a large mess hall, or cafeteria style dining hall, and complete tasks in food preparation.  Training programs are typically available, in catering; however employees follow the direction of a catering supervisor.  This type of position includes following leadership when learning about food preparation techniques.  Employees also assist in preparing a range of international cuisine, given a mining communities largely international community.  Individuals attempting to become hired for catering jobs should have a food handler’s certificate.

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