Mining Companies in Western Australia

The largest mining state in Australia is Western Australia or WA. Mines present in Western Australia are very isolated from each other; this means that there is large amount of vacant mining areas yet to be discovered. This has resulted in a variety of mining jobs available in Western Australia, available throughout the state.

There are hundreds of mining companies in Australia, with almost all of them having their operations in Western Australia, the largest mining state of Australia. There are many small privately owned mines in Western Australia apart from large international companies such as Rio Tinto and BPH Billiton. Mining companies in Western Australia are always in look out for both skilled and non-skilled workers, to fill the available vacancies.

Various kinds of mining jobs are available with the mining companies in Western Australia that are engaged in the extracting of variety of minerals, metals, and gems. Presence of large number of mining companies in Western Australia has created a huge demand for mine workers in this part of Australia. There are many open positions in the mining companies having their operations in and around Port Headland, Kalgoorlie, Broome and Perth. Some of the available positions are those of dump truck drivers and operators for excavators, dozers, front end loaders, boggers and jumbos, labourers, trades assistants, sample preparers, junior and senior surveyors and geologists, fitters, mechanics and boilermakers.

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