Fly in Fly out Jobs in the Australia Mining Industry

Fly in fly out jobs are a typical requirement of working of the mining industry.  Employees spend a period of several days, to a few weeks on the mining site, before flying back to a major city for several days off.  This is a practical means of working on the site of a mine, because the mine site is generally in a remote location away from major cities.  In addition, employees generally work 12 hour days, because periods of time off, on the fly out portion of the roster, are normally around a week in length.   Employees live in accommodations provided by the mining company during periods of work.  Accommodations are typically temporary housing units which include a small bathroom, table and chairs, and a place to sleep.

Typical fly in fly out jobs are dependent on the position of employment.  Mine employees positions are diverse and vary from persons physically working in the mine or possibly in large scale production, to white collar employment working in almost any capacity of administration.  Positions like dump truck drivers normally follow a roster of 9 days working 12 hour shifts, before taking 5 days of rest and recovery.  Like other positions working in the mine, this schedule could be different and employees could work a series of several weeks before receiving time off.  Rosters, longer in length, are typical for employees starting out.  A field assistant might work 2 weeks, before receiving a 1 week brake.  After a few years of employment, a shift might change, to a roster of 8 days working and 6 days off.  An engineer might work 5 days before receiving 2 days off.

There are several advantages of working in fly in fly out job.  Motivated employees can work into a career and have the opportunity to take on other pursuits while off of work.   Employees that spend wisely have the opportunity to save more than employees outside of the mining industry, because accommodations are provided at the site of the mine.  Being in a remote area there is little chance for spending outside of the onsite bar.  Other advantages include the ability to focus solely on work.  When working a traditional job, employees go home to find typical upkeep of a residence.  In a mining community, responsibilities like housekeeping and cooking are provided.

Typically, employees fly out to a major city in Australia.  For example, Perth is a hub of activity for employees working in fly in fly out jobs; however the mining industry reaches out to other major cities, to draw in qualified employees.  This will continue to expand.  Australia has very low unemployment and needs qualified employees to work in the mining industry.  Airlines will continue to reach further, in all directions from Western Australia, to pull in qualified workers.  Employers normally reward workers with a stipend for traveling, in fly in fly out jobs.  It is common for employees without a family to share an apartment with an employee that works on an opposite fly in fly out schedule.   Employees with families typically reside in or around such major metropolitan areas.

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