Couples Mining Jobs In Australia’s Mining Industry

Mining jobs for couples are available through the majority of mining companies.  Couples find many benefits of working in a mining environment and are known for adapting well to the mining culture.  One of the greatest benefits is the ability to gain substantial income.  Mining jobs for couples have a lucrative salary however many times require a fly in fly out arrangement with rosters of several days to several weeks.

Mining companies typically pay for accommodation when giving mining jobs for couples, to live on the site of the mine.  Mines are normally in remote locations, far from large cities, and this is the most practical means of working in this type of location.  Housing is normally, in close proximity to employment, within a small community.  The type of housing varies according to the permanent nature of the mine site, as well as the area of the mine.

Permanent mining activity, over the next several decades and the number of subsequent employees, will double in areas like Western Australia’s Pilbara Region, causing mining companies to look at more permanent housing solutions.  Housing in the area is brought in and each unit is “self contained.”  Units normally sit in a community of several hundred.  Each unit is smaller in size and is normally tidy and clean.  Mining jobs for couples are normally shifts of 12 hours, so housing of this type suits the needs of employees quite nicely.

Housing might have individual walls or the appearance of a temporary apartment complex.  All types of housing normally include modern amenities and employers make every effort to make sure employees are comfortable.  Units have furniture which normally includes a bed and a table and chairs, as well as linens and towels.  Units normally include air conditioning, television, telephone, and internet connections.  Some employers provide benefits, in housing, like free long distance phone calls.  Items like linens and towels are normally provided, because employees fly in with a designated weight in luggage.

In addition to accommodations for couples to physically stay, meals are normally included.  Food is normally international fare, to meet the needs of a largely international community.  Normally employees can also access areas like recreational facilities like a gym, library, and onsite bar.

Mining jobs for couples including accommodations are a wise option.  Given the permanent nature of most mining communities, most rentals and home prices are quite high, in mining communities.  Most communities are in remote locations and the population continues to expand.  Both factors drive up the cost of finding housing, at an affordable price, inside the mining community.

Mining companies provide a community that is much like a small town, and companies normally invest money into the community when bringing operations to a particular area.  Areas are normally quite remote and mining companies attempt to improve on the existing community.  Normally, existing buildings are fixed or remodeled and additional buildings are constructed to meet the needs of growing employee populations.  As mining communities become more permanent, in places like Western Australia, communities will continue to have more amenities available for employees.

There are many entry level mining jobs and skilled mining jobs in Australia’s mine sites for couples. Some of these jobs are:

  • Drillers offsider
  • Dump truck driver jobs
  • Mobile plant operator
  • Cleaning jobs in the mines
  • Chef Jobs in the mines
  • I.T jobs in the mines
  • Admin Jobs in the mines
  • Jumbo Operator
  • All Rounder
  • HD fitter
  • LV fitter
  • Geologists
  • Field assistant jobs
  • Water truck driver


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