Mining Cleaning jobs in Mining Camps and on Australian Mine Sites

Cleaning jobs in the mining camps are necessary to the basic needs of employees in the mining camp. Employees live in close proximity to mine sites, for extended periods, because mines are generally located in remote areas.

Cleaners take on housekeeping duties throughout the mining camps many facilities, take on the responsibility of ensuring employees accommodations, food, and laundry needs are met. Depending on the geographic location of the camp, cleaning staff might take on additional responsibilities like taking inventory of supplies or maintenance around the mine property.

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Cleaning jobs in the mining camp are either fly in and fly out positions or employees are residentially located in the area. Fly in and fly out positions are for employees that take on rosters of several days. For example employees fly in for 8 to 10 days with shifts normally around 12 hours and fly out for a few days, before repeating the cycle again. Depending on how remote the area or how little the help, employees can work upwards of a month before having a week off. Other employees sometimes live in small mining communities and take on positions like cleaning offices. Cleaning jobs in the mining camps typically pay upwards of $50,000 per year.

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Though cleaning is an entry level job, there are requirements to becoming hired. Cleaning jobs in the mining camps, of Western Australia, like Kalgoorlie, typically require employees to have at least a driver’s license, to secure gainful employment. In addition, employers might ask for proof that employees have secured accommodations prior to arrival. Normally accommodation is full to capacity. Priority is given to individuals with a Job Network Card and prior cleaning experience.
One of the most booming areas in mining is in Karratha, located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Employment in the area normally requires a national police clearance and a driver’s license, for residential cleaners living in mining communities. In some instances, prospective employees are also required to obtain accommodations prior to becoming hired.

Mining Cleaning Jobs
Normally, positions like cleaning jobs in mining camps are not a practical stepping stone for higher paying positions, in the same location. Interviews, for such positions, can include a series of questions about the intentions of prospective employees. This line of questioning is normally to eliminate those persons attempting to use cleaning jobs as a means to other positions, in the mining camp.
Cleaning jobs in the mining camps can be found in all areas of Australia however Western Australia is the area considered as having the most job prospects for entry level employment. Several large scale mining projects will continue to hire employees of all skill levels over at least the next 10 years. Karratha and Port Hedland, in the Pilbara region are two such areas. Employment will double over the next 10 years in this area which supplies the constant need for iron to China.
Additional cleaning jobs in mining camps can be found in Western Australia regions like Kalgoorlie and its large gold pit know as the super pit.


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