Catering Jobs in Mining Camps and on Australian Mine Sites

Catering jobs make up a portion of the many available positions in the mining industry.  Though some professionals like kitchen hands and cooks have necessary roles in the mining industry, job titles are no longer basic and serve the needs of many different areas of culinary skill.  Depending on the size of the mining camp, catering jobs might include everything from a pastry chef to a barista.  Whatever the role in mine catering jobs, employees of various educational background and skill level use teamwork in coordinated effort.

Mining Kitchen Hand Jobs

Kitchen help, or the position of a kitchen hand, is normally considered an unskilled role in a mining kitchen.  Repetitive food prep is normally completed by kitchen help, as well as washing pots and pans and scrubbing counters, floors, and walls.  Hygiene and cleanliness is a large portion of the role of a kitchen hand.  In addition, catering jobs likekitchen help might require a food handler’s certificate or require obtaining the certificate upon hiring.  This type of employment is normally available to employees with accommodations secured in the area, outside of the mining camp.  Proof is normally required, prior to becoming employed by the mining company.

Chef Jobs in the Mines

Chefs, oversee the duties of the kitchen and are involved with a higher level of hands on food preparation.  This includes putting the dishes together and cooking them, as well as adding additional seasonings and ensuring food has good flavor. An important responsibility of chefs, in the mining industry, is verifying that sufficient inventory is available at all times.  Normally, food is trucked in from the city which can be a long distance, making it necessary to keep a constant count of its availability.  Added responsibilities might include overseeing kitchen help and training apprentices, in catering jobs, while reporting to the kitchen manager or supervisor.  Chefs create menus and ensure that menus meet the supervisor’s criteria for nutritional value and the needs of employees seeking healthy cuisine.

FIFO Chef jobs

Cooks normally have a fly in fly out position, and accommodations are included with the employment package of a cook.  A typical roster is seven days on and seven days off.  Potential employees include those with experience working in a kitchen for several years as an apprentice.  Some mining companies give priority to employees with previous experience in areas like military kitchens or anywhere mass quantities of food are prepared.  In addition, cooks seeking employment on the site of a mine should have a minimum of an “AQF Certificate or higher.”

Mining Chef Jobs

Employees with catering jobs, in managerial roles, have several different tasks which orchestrate the food service of a mining community.  Administrative tasks might include creating rosters of employees, to ensure adequate coverage during busy meal preparation times.  In addition, this role includes managing the training of personnel, and financial analysis when planning meals, as well as verifying that menus fall within the parameters of nutritional guidelines.  Professionals in managerial roles, in catering jobs, typically have climbed the ladder into this position and have additional accolades like an “AQF diploma or higher” and certifications in “commercial catering.”


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