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Q:Do they hire women in the mines?

A: Yes, in many areas. The old culture of it being a male only industry is changing very quickly and more and more women are entering the industry in all areas.

Q: I am 47 years old, is that going to be a barrier for me?

A: No, age is not a barrier in the mining game. Its more about reliability and being able to do long hard day of work in the outdoors and extreme conditions. If someone doesn’t turn up for work its going to cost the company a lot of money. I met a quite a few 60 year olds in the mines.

Q: I have a criminal record? Is this going to effect my chances of employment ?

A: Yes it might. But, tell you what. There is many people in the mines with criminal records (that is where they are all hiding, haha), so you won’t be the first. Charges like robbery/ stealing might lead to a problem working directly with gold or diamonds etc. Also assault charge might also effect your chances especially if you have a current anger problem or are an intimidating type of person. Mining jobs often involve close team work and companies want that momentum not to be stopped. My suggestion is to get the tickets etc for the job and apply like normal. If it comes up be in a interview just be honest, that is all you can do. Keep trying other companies till you get a job. Also recommend to try the small contractors like drilling companies. But in most cases it will not be a problem.

Q: Hi, I am looking for a cleaning job in the mines.

A:  Check out companies like Sodexho, Compass Group, Spotless to name a few that operate mining camps around Australia.

Q: I am going on 24 years of age, I am really keen to work in the mines but do not know how to get started, could you please contact me and let me know how to get started please?

A: Check out all the great tips I share freely on my MUST READ Checklist here, everything with a red arrow.

Q:How would I be able to gain a successful career in the mines?

Looking for a $100,000/yr ?

A:It not as easy as the media portray it, but if you are prepared to stick around for 2-3 years in the mining industry. It is possible to obtain that kind of salary in many different job fields. If you have a trade or a skill in high demand you will achieve that level of salary a lot quicker.

Q:If fifo / Fly in Fly out good for couples?

A: Personally I wouldn’t recommend it if you have young kids. Rosters are getting more family friendly but even if you are working 8 days on and 6 days off. You are loosing 8 days of family life. Money is not everything and many miners regret not watching their kids grow due to long periods away from home. If you are single or a couple and have no kids it can work well. If you are a couple and have no kids and both want to work in the mines it can take some time to synchronize your rosters, so you have the same week off. Just bear this in mind when you go job hunting. If you have young kids aim for a residential position. Mining towns have good schooling and child care facilities. You get to return home each night this way and support the local community. Some companies will even give you rental assistance. Mining Companies also make sure the local schools are well funded on top of government financial support so kids aren’t missing out at all.

Q: Can you recommend some good reading on how to get started?

A. Check out this page here and read each and every page that has a red arrow beside it.  More tips and advice can be found in my free mining job guide here.  Heaps of people have used the information in my free 6 day e-course and got jobs using just that. Its high quality stuff and I have put many hours into it.

Q: I from Spain and need to find a mining company in Western Australia or Queensland to sponsor me, can you help me?

A: Sorry, but I know nothing about work visa’s etc. I would recommend head to the official Australian Government web site for anything to do with VISA’s and sponsorship for Australia. http://www.immi.gov.au/

Q: Hello, I currently have no experience within the mining industry but am willing to do what ever it takes. I don’t have any qualification in the mining but would love to learn. How do I get a job in mining? What are some good companies to work for? What type of jobs should I go after? Thank you for your time. Kind Regards

A: Hey mate, have you read my  free mining course on how to quickly get a mining job in Australia? Also check out my FREE MUST READ checklist here .

Q: I am colour blind, can I still get a job in the mines?

A: I am not a doctor so can’t really help you here. My personal belief is if you have a drivers licence and can safely maneuver through traffic lights in a city while driving a car. Then it shouldn’t be a problem for you to drive on a mine site. My advice would be to “go for gold”. Just apply like normal. (You will be tested for it via the medical so they will know about it)

Q: Do you recommend a dump truck course? and which provider is the best?

A: I do not recommend the “courses”. Get your HR licence, it’s real. Ring up companies that hire dump truck operators and agencies and double check with them. I have never seen an advert asking for one in my lifetime.


Q:Do you personally employ people in the mining industry?

A: No, not at all. This site is for informational purposes only.



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